Beetles World No. 23

Journal of biodiversity in Coleoptera

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Beetles World is an occasional published journal devoted to taxonomy and to biodiversity of Coleoptera. We offer cooperation on the new description for every taxonomist from all parts of the world. All rights, including reprinting of extracts, electronic or optical reproduction and translation belonging to the publisher.


The morphological differences between Odontolabis salvazae and Odontolabis fallaciosus are lined out and the taxonomical status is discussed. The geographic distribution of the taxa is indicated and specimens of different locations are figured.

Key words: Odontolabis salvazae, Odontolabis fallaciosus, Odontolabis sinensis, morphological characteristics, geographic distribution, taxonomy, Laos, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Myanmar


Huanshengia hainana genus et spec. nov. from Hainan Island, China is described and illustrated. The systematic position of the genus is discussed.

Key words: longhorn beetle, Lepturini, taxonomy, new genus, new species, Oriental Region


Several Neolucanus specimens have been collected recently in Tibet and determined as Neolucanus castanopterus tibetanus Schenk, 2003. The careful investigation and comparison with numerous Neolucanus castanopterus of different locations resulted in placing Neolucanus tibetanus stat. nov. to the species level.

Key words: Neolucanus castanopterus, Neolucanus tibetanus, stat. nov., China, Tibet, India, Nepal