Beetles World No. 24

Journal of biodiversity in Coleoptera

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Beetles World is an occasional published journal devoted to taxonomy and to biodiversity of Coleoptera. We offer cooperation on the new description for every taxonomist from all parts of the world. All rights, including reprinting of extracts, electronic or optical reproduction and translation belonging to the publisher.


The new species Dorcus mattisi is described and figured. An overview is given on the taxa of the genus Dorcus Mac Leay, 1819 represented in Asia Minor, the Caucasus region of southeastern Europe and West Asia. The morphological differences of Dorcus parallelipipedus, Dorcus parallelipipedus var. leuthneri = reichei, Dorcus peyronis and Dorcus prochazkai are outlined. The geographic distribution and taxonomical status are discussed. Dorcus vavrai has been placed as a subspecies of Dorcus peyronis (stat. nov.).

Key words: Coleoptera, Lucanidae, Dorcus mattisi, Dorcus parallelipipedus, Dorcus parallelipipedus var. leuthneri = reichei, Dorcus peyronis, Dorcus vavrai, Dorcus prochazkai, Dorcus alexisi, Turkey, Cyprus, Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iran, Iraq


Aesalus (Huaesalus) qiaoweipengi Huang, Yang & Chen, new species is described from Henan, China. It is the third species of the subgenus Huaesalus Huang & Chen, 2017. Male and female genitalia are described in detail for the new species.

Key words: Aesalinae, Aesalini, Huaesalus, Henan


Platycerus daguanensis Huang & Chen, sp. nov. and P. weidengensis Huang & Chen, sp. nov. are described from Yunnan, China. P. liyingbingi Huang & Chen, 2017 is discussed on individual and geographical variations. P. ladyae Imura, 2005 is reported from Baoxing and Meigu, Sichuan. Male genitalia are figured for all of the species discussed.

Key words: Platycerini, daguanensis, weidengensis, liyingbingi, ladyae, Yunnan, Sichuan, new species